Have a great rest of your day! Let me know in the comments! Do you guys want me to make more baking posts?

(not my photo)

2 cups flour

1 cup rolled oats

1/2 a teaspoon of baking powder

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 large egg

1/2 a cup of butter

3/4 of milk

They are really yummy, without further ado, here the recipe! (You’ll want to use an electric mixer!) This is Jessica and today I am going to give you a cookie recipe! Hey guys! How are you doing today?

Happy Birthday Captain Hook!

Hey! Today is Captain Hook’s birthday!

Hook, I have no clue what your age is, so sorry about that…anyways, I made you this to read and I hope you like it! Thanks for being the best, nicest person who is so loving and caring! I hope you live to have many more birthdays in the future! I hope you had an amazing day!

I got you this awesome cake, I hope you like it!

Also, I got you a card!


Movie Review: Dinosaur Island

Hey! I decided to do something a little bit different and decided to review a movie!

This movie is called Dinosaur Island (as seen in the title) and it was really good! It was about a brother (Caleb) and his sister, (Bailey) who got stranded on this island that some crazy doctor created dinosaurs on. They had to live with dinosaurs for a few weeks until help came SPOILER it took eight weeks for help to come 🤫! Another SPOILER, they almost got eaten a few times, but thankfully they got home alive. SPOILER please tell me how they are grandmother and grandson in the end?? I didn’t fully get that part, lol!

What I didn’t like about this movie was how short it was. It was only a hour long, a hour! I was really hoping it would be two, or even three hours long! Super disappointed in that. Another thing I didn’t like was how unrealistic the dinosaurs looked. In the poster they looked super good but in the movie….not so much.

Do I recommend this movie to you guys? Yeah! It was really good but just like other movies, there were a few things (in my opinion) wrong with it.

Do you guys think I should do more movie reviews? Let me know in the comments! Have a great day!



Oh my dear, dear paperclip, you have done so much for me. I don’t know what I would do without you. Before you came into my life I was a sad, paperclipless person. My paper was so messy. Thank you for all the wonders you have done for me and my paper. I love you.


My Photo for Tigerlily’s Photo Contest

Hello! This is me, Brooklyn! Yesterday we (me and my parents) saw a black bear in the mountains! I took a couple photos of it and decided to enter one of them for this contest. This weeks theme is spring and I thought it looked pretty springy-ish. Anyways, here it is!!

Thank you so much Tigerlilly for hosting this contest! ❤️


Phautos uf Owr Frends!!

Hewwo everybady! Toduy wi toak sume phautos uf owr frends! Hare thay aer, engeoy!

Thas is Uilla makang cottan candi!

I em halping Uilla mak hur cottan candi.

Hammah es doang nothang.

Rabin es readang har Bible.

Kandel es playand weth hur teral, Frad.

Ambur es buggang Rabin.

Grice es scoldang Clovar fur peaang un tha floar.

Summahr es feadang tha ferm animahls.

Lia es triang tu loak cual (dan’t tall hur, bot shi doezn’t loak cual).

Camaile es beaang boared.

Hailliy es triang un summar cloaths.

End finelly, Kananee es gettang redy tu byke wath hur frends.


Wi hupe yu goys laked thas past uf uor frends!

-Jassica & Lia

All of Our Pets ~ Spring 2023

Hey! So you know how we said we are back for good now? Well, we are, we just didn’t have any posts prepared for you guys even though we should have…anyways, we took some photos of all of our pets (indoor) for you guys so yeah, here they are! Also sorry if the photos are a bit blurry and grainy, our camera is older and we are hoping to get a new one sometime this year.

Clover age three or four, we don’t her exact age because she was a rescue.

Honey he just turned a year old!

Spice is four years old.

Coconut is only ten months old!

Pepper is two and a half years old.

Pumpkin is one and a half years old.

Dasher is also two and a half years old!

Clover is only seven months old! She’s so tiny!!

Blueberry is only four years old.

And lastly, this is Fred! Fred is 3 months old.

That’s all we have for today! We hope you liked this post! Have a great weekend!

-Jessica & Lea

New Posting Schedule!

Hello! We are just going to be posting on Fridays from now on because doing Friday and Tuesday has been too much for us. We are really sorry about that! We will probably do a bonus post on some days so look out for them! Thank you so much for being patient with us!

-Jessica & Lea