Little Forest

So here we have paper, a foam cone, green rocks, white sand, blue sand, some little turquoisey paper dots, and a bowl.

Now, get your bowl! And start filling it with the green rocks for grass!

Now, get the blue sand, and the white sand to make water!

Now, cut the foam cone in half, then colour it green, and place it on the grassy side of the bowl.

Tada! Now your finished! We didn’t use the paper, or the turquoisey paper dots, and those were just extras if we wanted to use them. We hope you enjoyed this craft!

Hi! This is Lea! So today I will be showing you how to make a bunny! And it’s really easy to make!

First you will need to gather round your supplies! You will need scissors, paper, pencil, and your hand.

Next place your hand on the paper and draw a rough outline of your hand. I wanted to make mine a baby bunny, so I just drew a rough drawing of what a hand looks like.

Now you have to cut out the hand. Also cut out the middle finger, because you only need four fingers.

It should look like this when cut out.

Finally you draw on a cute face and bend the two outer fingers in and draw a tail and your done!

And thats how you make a simple paper bunny! I hope you enjoyed learning how to make it!

Hello everyone, it’s Lea!! Today I wanted to show you how to make some DIY posters! Here are the instructions on how to make them!

First, you will want to get your materials

So here we have a pen, foam, some string, scissors, and paper of your choice! Also you will want a hot glue gun, or a glue stick.

Second you will want to cut the paper to the same size of the foam

Third, glue the paper down to the foam

Fifth, get your string and glue it onto the back of the foam

Sixth, write a saying or draw something on the paper

And I repeated those same steps for another poster I made. Here is the other poster I made

Here are the two posters hanging on the wall!

And that’s how you make DIY posters! I hope you liked me showing you guys how! Have a great day! 🙂


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