The Pets


Age: One

Favourite activity: Climbing trees

Favourite treat: Temptations cat treats

Favourite pastime: Sleeping on Lea’s lap


Age: Three

Favourite activity: Swimming at the local pond

Favourite treat: Bacon

Favourite pastime: Chasing squirrels outside


Age: Six months

Favourite activity: Running around with Puzzle in the pasture

Favourite treat: Apples

Favourite pastime: Sleeping in the stable


Age: One

Favourite activity: Running around the pasture

Favourite treat: Carrots

Favourite pastime: Spending time with Cranberry


Age: Four

Favourite activity: Being perched up on Jessica’s arm while watching TV

Favourite treat: Peanuts

Favourite pastime: Sleeping in her cage


Age: Eight months

Favourite activity: Eating and playing

Favourite treat: Pig ear

Favourite pastime: Running around the yard


Age: Two

Favourite activity: Playing hide ‘n seek with Grace

Favourite treat: Bacon

Favourite pastime: Going for long walks


Age: Two

Favourite activity: Playing tug-of-war

Favourite treat: Any type of bone

Favourite pastime: Playing with Spice


Age: Three or four

Favourite activity: Running in tall grass

Favourite treat: Chicken

Favourite pastime: Being pet


Age: Two months

Favourite activity: Playing under furniture

Favourite treat: Lettuce and carrots

Favourite pastime: Learning tricks

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